Starting out Oldham Bros where scrap metal merchants. But as they got bigger they wanted to explore different avenues such as buying and selling boats, demolition, wood recycling and man and van and many others. through out all of the different aspects of the business there's always been one thing that hasn't changed and that's that we are one of the most trusted names in the industry




One of the business avenues we at Oldham Bros explored was buying and selling boats; We had many that had come and gone but one of the most notable was the EGREMONT. She was sold in 1975 to Fred Oldham. In 1976 the engine and boiler rooms were converted to provide accommodation in her new role as the headquarters ship for the Island Cruising Club in Salcombe. Her profile aft of the bridge has been altered by the installation of new club accommodation. However, many of her original features remain, including hull, upper works, superstructure and characteristic Mersey ferry funnel. Egremont is the only Mersey Ferry to be retained once taken out of service, with her subsequent function reflected in the conversion she has undergone. The remaining operational ferries – Mount wood, Woodchurch and Overchurch have undergone extensive refits after a period of neglect, and have all been re-named. Egremont is therefore the only ferry retaining her original name and after a brief foray into a different colour scheme, has now reverted in the main to her original Mersey livery.



Demolition is a key factor to our business and we've had any job you could ask for big, small, easy and hard but we've done each and every one to the professional standard we hold ourselves too. One of the harder jobs we've had in the past was the wool station; the wool station was unknowingly full of Anthrax which at the time wasn't as well known or as easy to solve at this day and age; To combat the Anthrax we had to crush down everything incase the Anthrax seeped into  and after it was crushed we then tipped it into a designated area in the docks. before the work had even began the workers had to be some of the first people to get the Anthrax vaccine to be safe while the work was being done.  


X Train station

This job was the X Train station, one mistake and it could easily have been a disaster. We had to take extra steps and precautions to make sure everything was safe, the reason for this is because while we were working there, their was still trains coming and going through; This could've been extremely dangerous not only to the people on the train but also to all the people working as well. while the demolition was taking place we had to make sure not to damage any of the surrounding buildings and had to leave the front of the station in tact. We had to set up scaffolding up around the building, then we set up a hold through the wall so that if the wind picked up the wall wouldn't fall down. But even with all of these variables in mind we still managed to get the job done without a hitch.


Windsor tower was a multi-block high rise flats that we where tasked to deconstruct, that being the case we where the first in the country to use this method of deconstruction which then set a trend for others to follow. the reason we had to use this method of deconstruction was because the flats where in a close proximity to other buildings that where not set to be took down.

to be continued